Istanbul is one of the fascinating cities all around the world with its historical and modern aspects. This city never sleeps like other global metropolitans and you can always find an event to spend the day. Booking a private tour and a private guide to visit Istanbul can help you to be a part of a unique journey. Let’s see 5 things you will discover with a private Istanbul city guide.

Hidden Places in Istanbul

A private Istanbul city guide can bring you the hidden places in Istanbul that you cannot see on an ordinary tour. For example, you can take a short trip to Kadıköy, a district in the Anatolian side, and attend a church tour in this district.

There are lots of hidden and active churches in Kadıköy which are often disregarded in popular sightseeing tours. Or you can get away from the city for a day and visit the small villages on the Black Sea coast. While Şile and Kilyos are the most famous villages, there are smaller and less dense options like Riva, Kefken and Kerpe. If it is summer, you can even swim in the cold water.

Personalized Private Istanbul City Guide

Your personalized private Istanbul city guide will give you the chance to discover Istanbul’s hidden gems like Balat and Çukurcuma districts. Even some of the locals have not visited these districts. Here, you can find some old and colorful Istanbul houses with an old-school lifestyle.

Valens Aqueduct is another hidden gem you can include in your custom Istanbul city guide. When you visit this monumental aqueduct, you can also stop by at Vefa and Zeyrek districts to taste some of the best food in the city. The best part of a personalized private Istanbul tour is that you will have all the flexibility you need.

Don’t Miss the Important Historical Places

When we talk about Istanbul, we talk about an extensive history that covers the Byzantines, Ottomans and much more. Your private Istanbul city guide must include the famous sightseeing places like the Topkapı Palace, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Fatih Mosque, Galata Tower, Basilica Cistern and Istanbul Archaeological Museums.

Some of the other must-see places in Istanbul are the Hippodrome with the Egyptian obelisk and the Serpent Column, Grand Bazaar for shopping, Süleymaniye Mosque to take a short break, Spice Bazaar to discover various herbs and spices, Chora Church, Rüstem Paşa Mosque for its amazing glazed tiles, Prince’s Islands for an escape from the city and Istiklal Street to enjoy the vivid life of the locals.

Street Food Secrets with a Local Guide

Istanbul is one of the gastronomical heavens around the world. You can taste some of the classic Turkish cuisine dishes like kebab, baklava and dolma. But there is more on the streets of Istanbul. Organizing a local Istanbul city guide will give you the chance to find the best and most authentic dishes in the city.

Your options are kokoreç (lamb’s intestines cooked with spices), bean dish (cooked beans with hot chili pepper served with pilav), mantı (Turkish ravioli) and borek (a type of pastry with different fillings).

Enjoy a Private Yacht Tour to See Bosporus

An Istanbul city tour will not be complete without the Bosporus tour. Here, you can take a private Bosporus yacht tour to enjoy all the beauties of this water channel. You can see the most beautiful mansions (which are called yalı) across the Bosporus.

You can take a closer look at Maiden’s tower, the Bosporus bridges and coves in your private Istanbul yacht tour. One of the best ways to enjoy the city is from the sea. If you want, you can organize a dinner party on the yacht for your group.



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